Who’s who?

The Famale family is all of us. Fellow bloggers, followers, friends and real-life family members. The cast of characters is growing by the day. But here you can meet the repeat players, and those very special to the spirit of Famale…

Mamma Famale 20120424-182456.jpg

Hates: Cooking, mess left behind after baking.

Loves: Anything homemade, making traybakes.

Roles: Food-purchasing, cleaning, therapist.

Papa Famale 20120424-183250.jpg

Hates: Small portions, cheesecake.

Loves: Big portions, trying baking before it’s ready, all baking.

Roles: Financing Famale, driver, emergency shopper, food taster.

Famale Sister Senior 20120424-182528.jpg

Hates: Her too-small kitchen.

Loves: All baking, learning to bake, meringues.

Roles: Taster, morale-booster, mother of Famale Junior and BB aka Baby Ben.

Famale Sister Junior

Hates: Mince.

Loves: Behind-the-scenes observation and testing.

Roles: Constructive criticism, social media expert, suggestions.

Martin – brother of Famale

Hates: Ice cream.

Loves: Cooking, red wine.

Roles: Literary consultant.

Lawyer Laura – Martin’s girlfriend

Hates: Dodgy office baking, ice-cream, meringues, strawberries.

Loves: Dairy Milk, all chocolate, home baking on a Sunday.

Roles: Speed-reader, honest taster.

Famale Junior 20120424-182650.jpg

Hates: Boring real food.

Loves: Helping with “the cooking”, small aprons, licking the spoon.

Roles: Kitchen assistant.

Antonella 20120516-001213.jpg

Hates: The Scottish diet.

Loves: The silliness of Famale, foreign beer, Italian food, Neil Diamond.

Roles: Making Famale laugh, proofreading, London adviser.

Lindy 20120424-183231.jpg

Hates: Lasagne, when her baking doesn’t work.

Loves: Famale’s fairy-light baking, Le Creuset cookware.

Roles: Fellow baking enthusiast, listening post, emergency supplies.

Mamma Morrison – Lindy’s mum

Hates: Dirt, mess, deep-frying.

Loves: Cleaning, tidying, The Glasgow Cookery Book.

Roles: Home economist, recipe adviser.


Hates: Carbs, Famale’s ramblings.

Loves: Chicken, pop-culture references, Italy.

Roles: Dining companion, holiday companion.

Sophie best friend of Famale Sister Junior 20120427-222829.jpg

Hates: The Glasgow bus.

Loves: Baking, Casa Famale, Nick, the bump.

Roles: Sunday visitor, fellow baker, all round provider of good fun.

Steph – Famale’s partner-in-crime at law school

Hates: The Diploma, cooking.

Loves: Caffeine in all forms, joint academic efforts.

Roles: Dragging Famale through The Diploma, reminding Famale to do work, doing work so that Famale can bake, coffee break companion.

BB – Baby Ben, sister of Famale Junior 20120426-201644.jpg

Hates: Solids.

Loves: Milk.

Roles: Peacekeeper.


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  1. love this famale well done xxx

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