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Breaking point

The very small office is far too hot for tea. Which poses the question – what does one drink at work all day? Water comes in plastic cups which is entirely uncivilised. Too many Diet Cokes make me jumpy. More … Continue reading

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Let them eat cake

Tea is the most civilised ritual in Britain, according to Famale. I drink countless cups during the day, but yesterday I stopped and made an afternoon of it. All Mamma Famale got for Mother’s Day was a giant scone, so … Continue reading

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Can’t buy me, love

I can’t decide whether I like Nigel Slater or not. It’s not even a question of a love/hate relationship – it’s more tolerance and apathy. A bit like student protests. I’ve been called every variation of ‘mouthy’, which when transposed … Continue reading

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Hang me up to dry

Waiting for the bank to open at 9am this morning with an odd couple and a crazy man with a suitcase full of anti-government magazines and dirty hands was not helping my residual queasiness. But by some good fortune, the … Continue reading

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Fish delish

Fish delish is my favourite phrase. I don’t know why, it just feels great to say it. Anything that tastes good is “fish delish” in my vocabulary. Turns out young kids also love saying fish delish, as proven by my … Continue reading

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Hole in one

“Shall we have some dinner? Filet mignon, crepes, lobster, and Peking duck?” Toad of Toad Hall in Wind in the Willows had some very extravagant tastes. I like to think I share his impulsiveness and penchant for the finer things … Continue reading

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Waffly versatile

One day of an empty stomach is all it takes to subsequently reduce your body’s capacity to consume. Sunday was a lost day, one of tears, pep talks and very little solid food. There is nothing more delicious when you … Continue reading

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