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If you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it

Kate was beautiful, William was nervous, the dress was a bit too traditional. Yesterday’s Royal wedding was a great excuse to push back my Evidence attempt to nearer its midnight deadline and also to eat some celebratory food. Scotland wasn’t … Continue reading

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Uncomical relief

Lindy made me watch hours and hours of that giraffe woman Miranda and various other unfunny people on Comic Relief last night. Luckily, her parents were away so instead of my lugging down the half-bottle of red that was on … Continue reading

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Fish delish

Fish delish is my favourite phrase. I don’t know why, it just feels great to say it. Anything that tastes good is “fish delish” in my vocabulary. Turns out young kids also love saying fish delish, as proven by my … Continue reading

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Silly cow

For one week only, Famale is giving up meat and extending her palate. I tried to be a vegetarian when I was about 15, and going through the completely predictable dolphin-loving, meat-hating hippy phase that is a rite of passage … Continue reading

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