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Join the queue

Admitting one is unemployed and penniless to a computer-generated form is a traumatic experience. So I’m glad I softened the blow with something sweet beforehand. Mamma Famale had the notion of carrot cake for Sunday dinner but couldn’t muster the … Continue reading

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Ain’t no mountain high enough

Does this need an introduction? The other night after Mamma Famale’s pre-Mother’s Day chicken dinner, she and my sister K looked at me with dog-eyes, as if to say, is that it? K is a particular fan of the baked … Continue reading

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Mo Mowlam meringue pie

Whenever I’m feeling woeful, whether it’s the weather or when my brain is on the wane, there’s only one baking sight that lifts my mood. Meringue. And tonight, I’m dedicating it to Mo Mowlam. Initially, admittedly, because it rhymes with … Continue reading

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