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Go your own way

Sometimes even Famale can’t be bothered baking. A hangover, work and romantic re-thinking (not in that order) has led to what Rihanna calls ‘exhaustion’. She can sit and tweet a picture of a drip hanging out of her veins but … Continue reading

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All quiet on the western front

It really is quiet. There is no sound apart from my own fear. Of exams that is, not life in general. The intricacies¬†of dead peoples’ wills is today’s loom and doom and has made me ponder what I will leave … Continue reading

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Yesterday someone said I was all style and no substance. I like to turn negative comments into positive ones, so I’ll take style any day. Calling someone ‘substantial’ conjures up images of big bones and waterproof jackets. Anyway… giving up … Continue reading

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Italians really do live ‘la dolce vita’ (but only sometimes)

Just to prove that my Italian family DID eat cakes on rare occasions. These tiny works of art were from the famous Zamberletti pasticceria in Varese, to celebrate the miraculous passing of my first year law exams. Italians unapologetically rarely … Continue reading

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