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Humble beginnings

To take something that looks initially unpromising and turn it into something appealing is a great skill. Victoria Beckham did it with David and to a lesser degree, Nigella’s late husband John Diamond turned her into the goddess we love … Continue reading

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Going bananas

It’s finally happened. Mamma Famale has officially gone round the twist. The signs were always there, but now we have the evidence… After years of getting fed up with quick-blackening bananas, she decided to carry out a little experiment. She … Continue reading

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Shelf lives

Famale has been musing on the inability to be true friends with more than ten people in one life. So dear Famale family, it’s time for us to cut the losers and users and abusers and people with shit shirt/jumper … Continue reading

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Banana split

I can now officially stop pretending to like/care about the health properties/baking potential of… bananas. Yesterday, as I was leaving the uni library, smug in the knowledge that I’d set foot in the place in the first two weeks of … Continue reading

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