A whole new world

No, Famale does not do Disney. But she does now work in Edinburgh. That’s right, I am waving bye bye to my beloved west coast for the capital. A very long interview held in the Balmoral Hotel secured a brand new job, even though I took some delicious shortbread for the road in full view of my interviewers. Luckily they love cakes too, so it’s a match made in high-fat heaven. It’s been celebration time, and also time to flat-hunt. The Famale family do low-key celebrations, with a rendition of ‘Congratulations’ by Cliff Richard from Papa Famale, and a late-night dash to the supermarket with Lindy to buy some amaretto, our Arran-inspired drink of choice. I’m sure being asked for ID at age 28, by the same person who served me prosecco four hours earlier was all part of my parents’ elaborate plan to keep me grounded in my Ayrshire roots. And then a trip to the seaside – well, Troon – to eat what is quite possibly the last meal my parents will have to buy me. I decided to use my first non-stress day after hearing the happy news by baking myself a chocolate cake. But in a dozy, relaxed haze I forgot the cocoa and so it was a plain sponge. I made lots of chocolate buttercream and put the sponge in a small loaf tin. For what reason I have no idea. The sponge was slightly raw in the middle so I tore it apart and ate some of the cooked bits hot with the icing. And so began the need for transformation. Much like swapping soul-destroying job hunting for a new job in a new city, my sad broken sponge had to be turned into something fresh and exciting. Or maybe not. Sometimes a chocolateless chocolate cake becomes a trifle. And that’s just how Famale rolls.

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