Passing clouds

Famale has that Friday feeling, even more than usual. A fellow blogger and incredible young woman, Holly Webber, died yesterday after an extraordinarily documented battle with cancer. She was only 26 but even in her last months packed in so much life. So I thought I’d dedicate Friday to her, to pay tribute to someone I did not know but know more about than many people in my real life, such is the power of the written word. My breakfast was a small celebration of life; a fresh egg in my childhood egg cup and toast made from my very own bread. Let’s forget about late-running transport, unemployment, falling house prices and lazy work colleagues. Today is the start of the weekend, and who knows what it will bring? I am being treated to a weekend away in a lovely cottage on Arran, the most beautiful place in Scotland, courtesy of my best friend Lindy. Friends like her are to be treasured, so she’ll get an extra warm hello when she picks me up tomorrow. Treasure your family and friends and neighbours and favourite bloggers, after all – we’re only passing clouds.


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1 Response to Passing clouds

  1. Vladimir Tess says:

    I just saw the article, and it is so sad 😦

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