London fog

Famale went to London. She ate and ate, and has now digested. I have visited London as an adult every year for a decade, and first explored the big city when I was 13. For those who do not know London, it is everything and nothing you have read about. When I was 13, and 14 and 15 I went on school trips to see the musicals. We shopped on Oxford Street, bought flowers in Covent Garden and ate in chain restaurants. At 17 I found myself in Ron Arad’s design studio on Chalk Farm Road where I was taught how to make a cafetiere of coffee and was taken on long lunches in Camden and Primrose Hill where I tried mussels for the first time. I stayed in a very nice youth hostel in Golders Green and made friends with two Australians, one of whom I explored the tourist city with and paid £5 to see Shakespeare at The Globe Theatre. At 18 I was far too cool to do the tourist thing on my design school trip. Instead we toured the studios and many many bars. And then with each visit to stay with friends I became more adventurous and learned how to avoid the tube to find some of the more hidden corners of the city. This time I went down to visit Antonella, Ani and to catch up with my old flatmate and great amica Lou, and our sidekick Katie, a born-and-bred Londoner. It was a fabulous four days and we even had sunshine! My solo highlight was eating fresh strawberries bought from a market on Church Street by the fountain in Regent’s Park, the most beautiful green space I have ever seen. If you’re prepared to walk and ignore the guidebook, you will have the time of your life without spending a small fortune. We had restaurant food, market food, home-cooked food, cafe food and everything in-between. Here’s what I ate (and drank)…


















ps. Thanks to the lovely Imogen who let me stay and take over her kitchen for four days!

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