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Spring can really hang you up the most

Some people do brainstorming. I do brainbaking. So, at a late hour on Saturday night, fed up with double jeopardy and myself, I baked a most delicious cake. I will share (if I have not already) my secret to the … Continue reading

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All quiet on the western front

It really is quiet. There is no sound apart from my own fear. Of exams that is, not life in general. The intricacies¬†of dead peoples’ wills is today’s loom and doom and has made me ponder what I will leave … Continue reading

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Bewitched, bothered and bewildered

Famale is disturbed that her fifteen loyal readers are STILL affronted by the image of fast food. Well folks, it’s exam time. And you know how hit and miss I am in lawland. I have had a few hits recently, … Continue reading

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I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now

No you’re not going crazy. That is indeed a quarter pounder meal from McDonalds. Famale does fast food. Or rather, Famale DID, as it shall never be repeated. It was rather delicious but then I read it takes ten miles … Continue reading

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Last request

When I woke up to the news that Bin Laden is apparently dead, the first thought that came to mind was not one of war. It was, I wonder what he ate whilst in some Pakistani compound? So I did … Continue reading

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The lady is a tramp

Famale’s favourite non-drinking, non-spending, non-cooking, non-bathing hobby is archiving. No, I don’t mean ceramics or stamp collections. Yesterday as a mellow Saturday task, I archived my winter clothes and sorted my vast jewellery collection (mostly costume, so don’t bother breaking … Continue reading

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